We built a starter kit for you because…..

Bitcoin can be difficult to understand when starting out, experience helps.

Information can vary and is often confusing, less noise is preferable.

Obtaining and handling bitcoin can be intimidating the first time, so we got you some! 

It makes for a great gift idea, readily helps family & friends participate, saving you time.

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the Bitcoin starter kit is available in 2 editions. The "original" edition includes all four items below & the "junior" edition includes items # 1 & 2 only. (Please see FAQ for additional details)

  • #1-A conveniently preloaded with ($30 CAD of BTC for "Original" & $20 CAD of BTC for "Junior" ) USB flash drive called an OPENDIME, allowing you multiple options such as keep, spend, send or share today!

  • #2-A members only part of the website for every Bitcoin starter which will serve as our unique & ONGOING communication portal. Included with every kit. See FAQ for more details.

  • #3-The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous  provides for a very informative back drop of how and what got us here. (Not included in "Junior" edition)

  •  #4-Unlimited earn opportunity! Refer the Bitcoin starter kit to anyone and earn an additional $10 CAD equivalent in BTC for every kit sold that you refer.  (Not included in "Junior" edition)

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Who we are?

We are a company who's dedicated to helping people become Bitcoin Starters. Bitcoin needs people like you and I because it was built for us and consequently continues to evolve thanks to us!

Our founder Mike Cautillo, https://twitter.com/MikeCautillo, first discovered Bitcoin in 2013, though it wasn’t until late 2014 before grasping how phenomenal this technology was. Much has progressed within Bitcoin since then, yet one problem continues to hinder it from maximizing new adoption, the time required for you to establish the trust and know how necessary to get started.

It was from overcoming these challenges we faced and witnessed that allowed us to design a kit with you in mind specifically. The turn-key kit synthesizes what we’ve learned through trial and error and what we feel is of utmost importance at inception while also providing a platform for you to further your journey if you so wish.

We believe that interaction is one of the best forms of education, encouraging learning through experience. We’ve put together the tools to help and guide you in becoming a Bitcoin Starter today!

Why should I learn about Bitcoin?

Because Bitcoin (BTC) is a groundbreaking technology, a system that can move value from peer to peer without any centralized intermediary facilitating this transmission and so as the world becomes ever more reliant on the internet, the internet may become ever more reliant on Bitcoin. The internet revolution could be described as disintermediation of information, Bitcoin could be described as the disintermediation of money as we know it. As history has demonstrated with many technologies, imagining what the future may look like is not impossible.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to ultimately help expedite the Bitcoin(BTC) learning curve, especially in the acquiring and handling of bitcoin. Our goal is to efficiently onboard all whom have a desire to learn about Bitcoin(BTC)! 

"In fact, technology has been the story of human progress from as long back as we know. In 100 years people will look back on now and say 'That was the Internet Age' and computers will be seen as a mere ingredient to the Internet Age." Reed Hastings (Netflix co-founder)

We envision a future that people will look back and say, "That was the Bitcoin Age".

How does Bitcoin work?

It's best to think about Bitcoin as a system of interacting parts which are distributed all accross the globe and which rely on one another in order for the  network to move its value effectively. Two of the most important parts that you may have heard of are miners and nodes. You and I can both run a node (full nodes are recommended to further secure the network). To start mining on the other hand is out of reach for most. The video below explains the whole process in simple terms. It starts to describe nodes at point 1:28 and on, referenced as "a large distributed network of computers running special software." We recommend you watch the video in it's entirety to better grasp the whole process. It's amazing to say the least.


We have plans to implement details on how to run a full node in the near future, in the members area for those of you whom are interested. There are many benefits to running your own full node. Essentially, full nodes validate the accuracy of all transactions measured against the history of all previous transactions.

Is Bitcoin the only cryptocurrency?

No, there are many others, most with different purposes, albeit many are not currently very revolutionary or useful. We believe Bitcoin (BTC) is in a league of its own. It’s the mother of this decentralized network phenomenon as it was the first of its kind and is consequently the most trusted, secure and most valuable thus far. It has garnered the recognition of major exchanges and institutions across the globe. Bitcoin (BTC) is often referred to as “digital gold”. *Please note, Bitcoin only goes by the BTC abbreviation or XBT for some exchanges.*

Is Bitcoin legal?

Short answer is yes, countries such as Japan have deemed it as legal tender and although most countries have not “explicitly deemed” it legal, they do not forbid their citizens from using Bitcoin. Some countries such as USA, Canada, Australia and many across Europe have a welcoming stance regarding Bitcoin and are currently implementing regulations around it. It’s important to note that this is a revolutionary new technology with vast implications and given that it’s being widely used by people all around the world and growing, many governing bodies are carefully observing, not acting hastily, more of a wait and see approach concerning Bitcoin(BTC) . (Important to always check with your local authorities and relevant tax agencies regarding Bitcoin)

What are some of the risks?

Bitcoin is a relatively new technology therefore it could be still described as experimental. There are no guarantees that it will be around in 6 months let alone 10 years, although as it continues to grow, having just celebrated its 10th year in operation (Jan.2019), securing billions of dollars, facilitating millions of flawless transactions and an emerging ecosystem, the probabilities of this occurring in our estimation are shrinking. Conversely, this does not imply nor justify a certain price for each bitcoin. You may find on your internet travels among the plethora of information, that there have been some prominent figures boldly predicting a $1M future price per bitcoin, and although possible, so too is $1 per coin. Please understand, Bitcoin can be volatile and thus far we’ve seen from worthless at inception to $20K per coin (Dec.2017) with multiple parabolic rises to subsequent deep corrections. *It goes without saying, never invest or buy with money you cannot afford to lose.*

What is the “Bitcoin Starter Members” area in your website?

It is our direct communication portal for only Bitcoin Starters, our customers. The kits’ “resource manual” which includes how to videos, important terms, trusted go to sources and helpful links to learn all things Bitcoin is in this area. This manual among other things is only for those whom have purchased a kit, not available to the general public. This area also includes the earn opportunity referral program and periodic FYI updates. 

Do I require technical know-how in order to use the Bitcoin starter kit?

Absolutely not. If you currently know how to use your smart phone or desktop, you can use Bitcoin. The kit is designed to help expedite some of the learning curve for you, especially among other things, the acquiring, handling and securing of your Bitcoin.

Can I share the kit with a friend or family member?

Indeed, for an upcharge, purchase a share kit (Only available for "Original" edition) for 2 and we’ll include an additional preloaded OPENDIME, earn opportunity and all member privileges. The shared option appears under package via drop down when commencing your purchase. 

Why do I have to create an account as a new customer?

This step serves as a requirement for you to gain access to the Bitcoin Starter Members area of the site which is included as part of every kit. Once checkout is selected, it brings you to the "login" page, as a new customer you'll need to select "create account". Once you have your login credentials, you'll enjoy continuous access to all of the content that pertains to the kit and additional future purchases. If you did not purchase the kit here, we require you to provide the kit# ( Only for "Original" edition-located inside the box) when creating an account. Once you've created an account, please allow us up to 24 HRS. to verify your account.

When can I expect my kit to arrive after placing an order?

Please allow up to 15 business days from when you place the order to delivery if all items are in inventory. We will always do our best to adhere to this time frame, although delivery could take longer due to location or unforeseen circumstances such as peek demand or inventory outages.

Could the bitcoin on the OPENDIME be worth more/less by the time I receive it?

Absolutely, so here is our promise to you. Consider each OPENDIME to be loaded at time of purchase, so it could in fact be worth more or less by the time it reaches your doorstep. If it's more, it's your lucky day, if it's *less*, we'll send you the difference ensuring you have the equivalent of the promised amount worth of bitcoin as advertised. *(For this to apply, your balance needs to be negatively impacted by a minimum of $1 at time of receipt & you must notify us of this within 2 weeks of receiving the kit, otherwise this offer is VOID)*

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the contents included in the kit, the security of the preloaded OPENDIME in particular, all sales are final. Although having said that, we stand behind out product and welcome any concerns or issues that you may have. We can help you troubleshoot almost anything. We're in this together.

Why do you offer an "Original" & "Junior" kit edition?

We offer two editions of the kit, the "Original" & "Junior" in an effort to bring Bitcoin to more of you while respecting various budgets. Our choices should not hinder your opportunity to learn and experience Bitcoin, so we're pleased to be able to offer an alternative solution at a savings without having to sacrifice or compromise our products core value proposition.

Both the "Original" & "Junior" editions fulfill our core value proposition equally, which is for you to readily experience Bitcoin, especially in the acquiring & handling of your bitcoin. Think of both kits as the same model Ferrari, just that the "Original" includes a few extra options that particular people may want, though by no means are a pre-requisite or requirement that will keep you from readily experiencing the power of Bitcoin and enjoying our kit.

Aside from your own personal use, both the "Original" & "Junior" kit editions make for a great gift or promotional idea, especially the "Original" considering the packaging. Regardless of which kit you choose, the power of Bitcoin will be at your fingertips! 

Please select prefered option from drop down under package when performing purchase.